ALS/MS Residences

The vision for these two specialized residences is based on the Green House® model, a unique concept intended to deinstitutionalize long-term care by eliminating large nursing facilities and creating a home within a community setting.

The ALS and MS Green House® residences are "smart" houses that promote and support independence, regardless of the stage and/or progress of illness. Due to the unique architecture, small footprint of each Green House, and innovative technology, wheelchair-bound individuals have independent mobility with meaningful choices and dignity.

About the Steve Saling ALS Residence
The Leonard Florence Center for Living presents America’s first and only permanent residence dedicated to caring for individuals living with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, commonly known as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease.  Located on the second floor, the Saling ALS residence is equipped with the latest computer-operated technology to allow individuals with ALS the most amount of independence possible.  Residents are able to open doors, turn up or down their bedroom shades, adjust room temperatures or call for the elevator- all with help of a computer and a sensor that tracks head and eye movements for instruction. To learn more about the ALS technology in the Saling ALS residence, click here.

Private rooms within the Saling ALS residence include a private bath and shower that includes a Hoyer lift that allows residents to transition from bed to bathroom with greater ease. A picturesque living space, outdoor balcony and in-home kitchen and dining complete the residence.

About the Slifka MS Residence
As a separate house on the same floor as the Saling ALS Residence is the Slifka MS Residence.  Developed in partnership with the Central New England Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, the Slifka MS Residence is devoted to residents living with MS.

Residents of the Slifka MS Residence, live in state-of-the-art homes that combine technology with compassionate and disease-specific care. Each 7,000-square-foot residence consists of ten private bedrooms with private handicapped-accessible bath and shower with Hoyer lift, cutting-edge assistive technology, skilled staff, in-home kitchen and fireplace hearth.

I believe in the work that the Foundation does because it believes in creating a better system, better facility, better program for the future. That matters to me.

I knew my mother would be well-taken care of at any facility that was under the Foundation, because of the reputation. And I was right.

This organization doesn’t treat my dad like a patient, they treat him like a person. He is given the best care possible, and it’s because they believe in treating the whole person, not just the illness.

I began volunteering at Foundation’s Chelsea Jewish Nursing Home and realized what a special place this was. Residents are happy, and the staff care. I enjoyed being here, too.

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